Bookmark Bliss: 101+ Stock Image Resources

Over the past 7 years, I’ve had the opportunity to build up a substantial list of bookmarks. In the previous three installments of Bookmark Bliss, I compiled a list of 50 sources for web design inspiration,  80+ developer cheat sheets, and 30 developer community forums. I do this mostly for my own benefit but it seems to benefit others as well. I know there are dozens of these types of posts out there, but a lot of the sites I find are not really mainstream, so I think this list has some value along-side the rest.

A lot of times when I’m developing a new site layout, ad promotion, or graphic for business cards or logos, I find myself looking for stock photo resources to help out my artistic skill. Here is a list of 101+ stock image resources that I’ve come across over the last few years:

  1. A Digital Dreamer
  2. Aarin Free Photo
  4. AbsolutVision
  5. Acclaim Images
  6. Amazing Textures
  7. AMG Free Photos
  8. Animal Photo Album
  9. Baj Stock
  10. Barry’s Free Photos
  11. Big Foto
  12. Burnin Well
  13. Cepolina
  14. Corbis
  15. Cromavista
  17. Design Packs
  18. DeviantArt
  19. Digital Library System
  20. Diwiesign
  21. DNS Fotografia Digital
  22. Dreamstime
  23. Every Stock Photo
  24. Farm Photo
  25. Flickr Creative Commons
  26. FontPlay Free Photos
  27. Fotolia
  28. Free Digital Photos
  29. FreeFoto
  30. Free
  32. Free Media GOO
  33. Free Photo Station
  34. Free Photographs Network
  35. Free Photos
  36. Free Photos Bank
  37. Free Pixels
  38. Free Range Stock
  39. Free Stock Photos
  40. FWS Pictures and Graphics
  41. Geek Philosopher
  42. Getty Images 
  43. GIMP Savvy
  44. Graphic Maps
  45. Graphics Arena
  46. Great Images in NASA
  47. Image After
  48. Image Base
  49. Image Blowout
  50. Images of American Political History
  51. Images of the World 
  52. Image Temple
  53. Index Stock
  54. Insect Images
  55. Insecta
  56. Intuitivmedia 
  57. iStockPhoto
  58. Japanese Streets
  59. Jupiter Images
  60. Light Matter
  61. Liam’s Pictures from Old Books
  62. Lonely Planet Images
  63. Lucky Oliver
  64. Magnum Photos
  65. MasterFile
  66. Mayang’s Free Textures
  67. Morgue File
  68. NASA Images
  69. National Park Service Digital Images Index
  70. NWYH Stock Library
  71. NYPL Digital Gallery
  72. One Odd Dude
  73. Open Photo
  74. PDPhoto
  75. Photocase
  76. Photo Rack
  77. Photo Shocked
  78. PicStyle
  79. Picture Quest 
  80. Piotrix
  81. Pixalia
  82. Pixel Perfect Digital
  83. PlinkME 
  84. Public Domain Stock Photos
  85. Public Health Images Library
  87. Robin Good
  88. RubberBall
  89. ShutterStock
  90. Star 29
  91. Stock Exchange
  92. Stock Vault
  93. StockXpert 
  94. Studio25
  95. Terra Galleria
  96. Texture King
  97. Texture Warehouse 
  98. Truly Free Stock
  99. UnProfound
  100. US Geological Survey Photographic Library
  101. USDA Image Gallery
  102. Wallpaper Stock
  103. Wikimedia Commons
  104. Woophy
  105. World of Stock
  106. Yellowstone Digital Slide File
  107. Yoto Photo

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As always, your comments are welcome and please let us know of any sites we might have missed.

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  1. Neat — though I wish you’d posted them in order of quality and/or comprehensiveness. As-is, it’s a lot like a google search result for “free stock photos”.

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  3. I wanted to suggest another Free Texture resource you could include.

    Texture Archive

    A new free texture resource for adding in unique design elements, use in 3D Texturing. and a great collection of ZBrush Brushes, UV Grids, Tutorials, Schools and general resources.

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