Bookmark Bliss: 50 sources for web design inspiration

When Bookmark Bliss first got started, I said that our goal was to build content that other people can use to improve their own projects. Almost every day, while I’m checking out a blog or social bookmark site like or Digg, I see a post entitled something along the lines of “50 beautiful web designs” or “25 amazing wordpress templates.” As a web developer and not really a web designer, I always love these posts because they’re great inspiration for the next time I need to create my own template, theme, site, etc. Over the years I’ve managed to build up a decent bookmark list of these “inspirational” sites so I thought I would put them all in one place for other people to take advantage of as well. So, without further ado, here is my list of 50 sources for web design inspiration…A little help for us artistically challenged individuals :)

  1. The Best Designs
  2. Six Shooter Media’s Free Templates
  3. 2Advanced Studios
  4. Andreas Viklund Free Website Templates
  5. Studio7Designs
  6. Style Grind
  7. Open Source Web Design
  8. The Web Design Inspiration Photoset
  9. Most Inspired
  10. Open Source Templates
  11. Templates Box
  12. Smashing Magazine
  13. CSS Beauty
  14. CSS Galleries
  15. Drupal Sites
  16. Open Source Web Templates
  17. CSS Remix
  18. Glenn Wolsey 10 Most Beautiful Blog Designs
  19. CSS Drive
  20. Perfection
  21. CSS Elite
  22. SyleGala
  23. Creative Pakistan
  24. The FWA
  25. CSS Hazard
  26. Beautifully Webdesign
  27. Unmatched Style
  28. CSS Import
  29. Light on Dark
  30. StyleBoost
  31. CSS Bloom
  32. Screen Fluent
  33. CSS Websites
  34. Website Design Awards
  35. 3point7designs
  36. CSS Galaxy
  38. The Dreamer
  39. Style Crunch
  40. CSS Flavor
  41. Inspiration King
  42. CSS Thesis
  43. Web Creme
  44. CSS Zen Garden
  45. CSS Reboot
  46. WebDigity
  47. The Pixel Creativity
  48. Top Wordpess Themes
  49. CSSClip
  50. Deviant Art

50+5 Bonus Sources

  1. 83 Beautiful WordPress Themes (smashing magazine)
  2. Go Drupal
  3. One Pixel Army
  4. CSS Mania
  5. Design Shack

Well, that’s it for this round. Some of these sites offer their templates for free but others charge a fee for you to use. This list is intended to help you with your “designer’s block” and give you the inspiration you need to come up with the perfect design for your next blog, community portal, social networking hub, or corporate e-commerce resource. I’d love to keep this list growing and possibly release updates on a regular basis.

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As always, your comments are welcome and please let us know of any sites we might have missed.

45 thoughts on “Bookmark Bliss: 50 sources for web design inspiration”

  1. I actually wanted to keep stock photos and web design inspiration separate. I have a ton of bookmarks to stock photo, brushes, fonts, and other similar sites that I was hoping to writeup in a separate post eventually as well.

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  3. Wonderful list of resources! Since moving to WordPress, I’ve been looking for these types of resources more and more. Thanks! I’ve signed up for email updates as well.

  4. LOL, this post is kind of interesting actually as a Digg experiment. It’s well over a month old now, and if it had reached 84 diggs in a single day would have made the front page easily. It continues to slowly get more diggs though as more and more people find the post.

    What I would love to know is whether or not Digg will promote a site to the front page if it keeps on getting Diggs, even if it is old?

    If so, how many diggs does it take? I find it takes anywhere from 40 – 70 diggs to reach the main page if you can get them within 24 hours. How many does it take to do the same weeks later? I’d love to know :)

  5. I actually translated it into english myself. There are really only a dozen or so locations with text in them that is displayed to the user, so I just used an online translator to swap em all.

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  7. Love the list! I have the worst block, it’s been going on for about a week. Let’s see if this list can take it away, so far the sites I’ve seen are really useful! Thanks.

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