Five Ways to Use MyBlogLog to Generate Traffic

For those of you who might not be familiar with MyBlogLog, it’s a great little tool for visualizing your blogs visitors. You can see it in action here on the site in the area labeled “Recent Readers” on the black toolbar. I really like it as a blog addon because it lets me get a feel for who’s visiting my site and also lets me visually see when new readers are stopping by.

In a recent post, I talked about some of the new changes that MyBlogLog had made to their system. In one of the comments, regular Bookmark Bliss reader Skarld from Wpthemez posted a request for a post about how best to use MyBlogLog. I’m not sure I’m able to list the “best” way to use it, but I’ve definitely done a lot of experimentation. Most of my focus, however, has been on how to use it as a way to generate traffic.

So, I figured if I can’t help Skarld with the best way to utilize MyBlogLog, maybe I can list some tips on how you might use it to generate traffic. Here are 5 great ways that many users, including myself, generate traffic from the MyBlogLog community.

Visit other sites with a unique icon

I think one of my favorite ways to generate traffic and also one of the most underestimated, is to choose a unique and standout icon, and visit sites displaying the widget. I think you’d be surprised at just how many people will click on an interesting looking icon. I personally click on all of the ones that visit here with an icon that catches my eye.

Here is a quick set of some eye catching avatars I found just browsing around. Of course, the list is very subjective :)

As you can see, I didn’t choose a single icon that contained an actual profile picture of a real person. Why? Because that’s what everyone else does, and the face images get lost in the blur. If you want to stand out, pick an original icon or make one of your own.  

Build out your community

MyBlogLog, at its core, is a social networking site. One of the best ways to bring traffic to your own site, is to let other members of the community know you exist. With MyBlogLog, you simply navigate to someone’s community profile and  click the “Join Community” button to add yourself to their list.

You can join as many communities as you want to, but there is a limitation of 15 per day. Once you join, your profile image will appear on their profile which in turn allows their visitors to visit your site as well. To make things even easier, MyBlogLog can optionally track sites you visit often, and if you reach a specific number of visits, automatically join you to the community.

To get the most traffic bang for your buck, you should try to visit and join 15 new communities every day. There is no reason not to and every community you join is another opportunity for someone to see your avatar and pay your site a visit.

Expand your friends list

Similar to building out your community, MyBlogLog also gives you the option to add individual members as contacts. The benefit of doing this is that it is a much more personal gesture and allows you to show interest without having to individually visit every single blog they run.

The largest benefit, however, is that by adding yourself as a contact, you appear on the FIRST page that people see when checking out a profile. That means that your eye catching avatar from our first point is now front and center on a large number of profiles.

You’d have to be blind to not realize the type of impact that kind of placement can have on your traffic. By expanding your friends list, you manually place your link in a wide variety of sites and at the same time establish a slightly more personal relationship with members of the community.

It’s win win!

Post messages in other communities

Another social networking option available with MyBlogLog is the ability to leave messages to others in a community message block on their profile page.


This option allows you to exchange messages either publicly or privately with members of your community. The biggest benefit of this, in terms of generating traffic, is it gives you a chance to make a more personal introduction and also to establish yourself as an active member of the community. By promoting those aspects, you will generate more visits to your site and are also more likely to find visitors who will consistently return to your blog for further posts.

If you’re so inclined, the community messages also appear to be a fairly decent way to pass around unsolicited URL’s and sort of spam your site around to unsuspecting members. I haven’t tried this myself, but I have received several myself and it seems to be a pretty common practice.

Tag your Site

Last, but not least, another new but great way to get traffic from MyBlogLog is to take advantage of their newly added profile tagging options.

You can tag both your own profiles and communities as well as tag any other members you want. This can help you improve traffic in two ways. First, by tagging your own site with relevant tags, you ensure that your site shows up in appropriate tag categories, helping anyone searching MyBlogLog to find you as easily as possible. This has the added bonus of also introducing readers to your profile with a quick and convenient glimpse at what your site is all about.

Secondly, by helping to tag other members, you also help yourself. Each tag you add is mapped directly back to you and can be looked up at any time. For every tag I’ve added to a community profile, the member has taken the time to visit my profile and some have checked out my site and also added tags to my blog as well. It’s a powerful option and one you can take full advantage of while it’s still brand new.

Basically, the take home of this entire post is that by being an active member of the MyBlogLog community you can really gain a lot by giving very little. By being an interesting personality, you can improve your own sites traffic substantially which can only result in one thing….MORE TRAFFIC!

And we could all use that…

18 thoughts on “Five Ways to Use MyBlogLog to Generate Traffic”

  1. Thanks for writing this up. Do you get much traffic directly from their site? I haven’t noticed it in mine, but I do like being able to add the icons to my site.

  2. I don’t get a ton of traffic directly from MyBlogLog, but it’s definitely a few visitors every day. You might not notice a ton of visitors to your site, but maybe more to your MyBlogLog Profile instead…

  3. Fantastic tips! You’ve definitely encouraged me and I’m going to go do some work on MBL right now, including changing my avatar and joining 15 new communities. I’ve never realized how powerful it actually is. 😉

  4. I use to like your articles and blog, and I am subscribed to your RSS.

    I think this article has some good points but in general it’s not a good advice.
    Please don’t recommend people to add everyone and join all comunities they meet, or a number each day compulsively, as a promotion way.

    If everybody do this, social sites like MyBlogLog will get filled with spammers. And sites like MyBlogLog will loose the reason for what they were created: to provide GENUINE (TRUE) communities.

    If people do what you say, social sites will be filled with spammers. In fact, they are.

    Please push people to be genuine and trustable.

    In the long term, advices like this do no good, even for promotion of oneself.

    It’s not good to add all people as friends or joining all comunities in MASS.

    I hope you consider this seriously, and don’t be offended by my comments. Avoiding doing things like this, we all benefit, and social sites keep going as meeting places.

  5. Jordi, I disagree. I wasn’t advocating blindly spam joining every site you can. I was simply saying that MyBlogLog allows for 15 joins a day, and if you are serious about networking and visiting other communities you can easily find 15 every single day to join.

    Sure, you can pretend that everyone is joining only legitimate sites and becoming active members of the community, but the truth is social networking sites like MyBlogLog are tools and most of the people using them are doing so to let other people know they exist.

    If you were at a party, the best way to get to know people is to work the room and mingle. This is no different.

  6. Thanks for replying.

    I don’t agree yet.

    I think it’s legitimate to join communities that really have to do with your tastes. Maybe you can join 20 or 30, but not hundreds, since it’s impossible to follow them.

    You can get noticed just having a look at their blogs, as many of them display the last visitors, or leaving legitimate comments, not the spam ones.

    I just disagree, I think it’s better to grow slower and don’t be hated for promoting.

    For example, when I see a request of someone in my social site to add me as friends, and I see he/she has more than 500 friends, I just refuse to add him as mine, as I am sure he’s a spammer. The same with people with more than 100 communities.

    But if you think it’s good, you are the expert, so I suppose I am wrong. Just consider the danger of being perceived just as an intruder by people by me. Or maybe some day most people realize all this and just leave those social sites.

    Anyway, thanks and keep the good job. As I said, I use to like all your tutorials and tips.

  7. Yap..this is nice post, but I want added a little comment here, to increase your traffic with MyBlogLog, the most important is you must be “active” user. ya, just that :)
    thank you..


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