A Glimpse at the Inner Workings of the Google Machine

While I was reading one of my favorite blogs, SEOMoz,  I came across a great article they recently posted entitled Remarkable Openness from Google’s Black Box. The article goes through a recent New York Times story entitled Google Keeps Tweaking Its Search Engine and discusses many of the aspects from a web business and SEO perspective.

What I really enjoyed about the New York Times article was the candidness of the answers. Google’s search result inner workings is one of their most guarded secrets, so while you often read a lot of speculation, you very rarely get confirmation straight from the source.

The SEOMoz article is an excellent accompaniment as it steps you through many of the interesting points from the NYTimes, and takes a look at them from an online business standpoint and from an SEO standpoint. For anyone who is working at making a living online, every little tidbit of information can really help shape your entire approach when it comes to running your business.

This was the point I found the most interesting is:

Some complaints involve simple flaws that need to be fixed right away. Recently, a search for “French Revolution” returned too many sites about the recent French presidential election campaign — in which candidates opined on various policy revolutions — rather than the ouster of King Louis XVI. A search-engine tweak gave more weight to pages with phrases like “French Revolution” rather than pages that simply had both words.

This shows you that no matter what you do to optimize your site and setup your keyword campaigns, there is still a human element behind the Google ranking system that you may inevitably butt heads with.

There are many other great tidbits of information such as how Google decides which content to show based on the connotation of a search and just how many metrics they use to determine a sites rank. I highly recommend checking out both articles if you’re at all interested in how Google search really works…

4 thoughts on “A Glimpse at the Inner Workings of the Google Machine”

  1. I’m a little irked with Google atm. It doesn’t seem right that they are trying to penalize sites with paid listings. Are they going to devalue our site if we use Google ads, or just those of their competition?

  2. Thanks for the pointer. I’ve never read SEOMoz, so your pointer to their article was particularly valuable to me.

  3. Hey, I just found your blog and I REALLY like what you are doing. Nice design, and good writing.

    As far as the article on Google, I don’t really keep up with SEOMOZ, because every time I go over to read an article there it seems like there are a few points I disagree with.

    In this case, the article on SEOMOZ was really good. I bet if I read SEOMOZ more frequently I would like it more. Maybe I should start doing that.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

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