Recommended Resources

The following is a list of resources that I’ve used to improve my online business and I highly recommend each one. I’ve personally used each resource either directly on Bookmark Bliss or on one of my other business related sites. Each of these resources has proven to be effective with great service and support…

Make Money Online

The following are advertising networks I’ve personally used to make money online.

Text Link Ads (sign up for Text Link Ads)

Text Links Ads is an excellent advertising network. They help me generate revenue on my sites by selling text link ads on my sidebar (under the heading “featured sites”) and also on my individual posts. The links provided by Text Link Ads are cheap for most advertisers to purchase and come with the benefit of improving their search engine placement by receiving links from high page ranked articles. Another great benefit of Text Link Ads is that your income constantly improves as your site ranking increases, allowing you to focus on your content and not bickering over percentages. Text Link Ads always pays promptly every month via Paypal or Cheque and even provides a great $100 offer which makes it really easy for you to convince advertisers to give them a try.

Sign up with Text Link Ads.

Auction Ads (sign up for Auction Ads)

In my experience, I’ve found Auction Ads to be a really solid advertising network. Basically, Auction Ads provides the ability to show off current eBay based auctions directly within your site and including full color thumbnail images of the actual products. So far, with every site I’ve used Auction Ads on, I’ve found users are much more willing to click on the ads due to the fact that each link is associated with photographs showing exactly which product is being auctioned. Currently, AuctionAds is paying 100% of the commission for every conversion to members, which is a great deal for anyone looking to try something different on their site. I highly recommend checking out this network which I’ve used with great success on several sites.  

Sign up with Auction Ads.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense seems to be everywhere these days, and the reason for that is it is just dead simple for anyone to get up and running on any site. AdSense ads are the boxes of text ads you see everywhere showing links to products similar to the document you’re currently viewing. If you want an easy, proven method of making money on any site, Google Adsense is for you.

ReviewMe (sign up for ReviewMe)

If your site is like this site, than you constantly get requests from readers to showcase their tools or website. ReviewMe is an ad network that allows readers to submit requests formally to your site and have their product, site, or software reviewed. I’ve used ReviewMe from both sides of the game, purchasing reviews form other sites and also having reviews purchased on my own site. I definitely recommend giving ReviewMe a shot, especially if your site focuses on a niche that is very under served but with a lot of terrestrial business.

Sign up with ReviewMe.

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