Bookmark Bliss: The Massive List of Web Development Resources

Last month, we continued the Bookmark Bliss series with the biggest list of bookmarks yet. Our Massive List of Web Design Resources covered everything a web designer may need from inspiration to fonts to color palette selection. 

While some of us may need help on the design side of things, others need a hand when it comes to development. To continue both the massive list and bookmark bliss series, we’ve scoured the globe, dug into every crevice, and unearthed every stone to bring you our newest massive list of links. So, without further ado, behold, The Massive List of Web Development Resources!

Community Forums

  1. Sun’s Java Technology Forums
  2. JavaRanch
  3. Java Help
  4. Programmer to Programmer
  5. CodeGuru
  6. MSDN Forums
  7. VBWire
  8. Ruby Forum
  10. PHP developer’s network
  11. PHP freaks
  12. Digital Point
  13. Codewalkers

Content Management Systems

  1. Alfresco
  2. Drupal
  3. Jahia
  4. Joomla
  5. Lenya
  6. PHP Nuke
  7. Plone
  8. TikiWiki
  9. Twiki
  10. WordPress

Database References

  1. Firebird SQL Cheat Sheet
  2. MySQL Cheat Sheet
  3. MySQL Reference List
  4. Oracle Cheat Sheet
  5. Oracle PL/SQL Cheat Sheet
  6. Oracle 9i Server Reference
  7. Oracle 9i Command Reference
  8. PostgreSQL Cheat Sheet
  9. PostgreSQL Cheat Sheet List
  10. SQL Cheat Sheet
  11. SQL Server 2005 Commands

Firefox Plugins

  1. Web Developer
  2. FireBug
  3. Clear Cache
  4. HTML Validator
  5. Cookie Crumbler
  6. SEO

Javascript Libraries

  1. AJAX Queue Class
  2. AJAX Script Libraries
  3. Bindows
  4. Javeline Framework
  5. jQuery
  6. Prototype
  7. Qooxdoo
  8. Rico
  9. Scriptaculous
  10. Teleport
  11. Yahoo User Inteface Library

Programming Language References

  1. C++ Language Summary
  2. C++ Reference Sheet (PDF)
  3. C++ Containers Cheat Sheet
  4. C# Language Reference
  5. C# Programmer’s Reference Sheet
  6. Java Syntax Cheat Sheet
  7. Java Quick Reference (PDF)
  8. JSP 2.0 Syntax Reference Sheet (PDF)
  9. .NET Cheat Sheets
  10. Perl Cheat Sheet
  11. Perl Reference Card (PDF)
  12. Perl Regular Expression Quick Reference (PDF)
  13. Perl Reference Guide
  14. PHP Cheat Sheet
  15. PHP Developer Cheat Sheet
  16. Python 101 Cheat Sheet
  17. Python 2.5 Quick Reference
  18. Python Cheat Sheet
  19. Python Quick Reference (PDF)
  20. Ruby Cheat Sheet (PDF)
  21. Ruby on Rails Cheat Sheet Collectors Edition
  22. Ruby Reference
  23. Ruby on Rails Reference Sheet

Web Development References

  1. 25 Code Snippets for Web Designers
  2. 53 CSS Techniques Your Couldn’t Live Without
  3. 70 Expert Ideas for Better CSS Coding
  4. Actionscript 2.0 Cheat Sheet (PDF)
  5. Actionscript 3.0 Cheat Sheet (PDF)
  6. Cold Fusion Cheat Sheet
  7. CSS Cheat Sheet
  8. CSS 2 Reference Card (PDF)
  9. CSS Reference Sheet
  10. CSS Shorthand Guide
  11. CSS Useful Properties
  12. Drupal 4.7 Cheat Sheet
  13. .htaccess Cheat Sheet
  14. HTML Cheat Sheet
  15. HTML Dom Quick Reference Card (PDF)
  16. Javascript Cheat Sheet
  17. Javascript Quick Reference
  18. JQuery Cheat Sheet (PDF) 
  19. JQuery Reference (PDF)
  20. JQuery Visual Map
  21. Mod_Rewrite Cheat Sheet
  22. Scriptaculous Combination Effects Field Guide (PDF)
  23. XHTML Cheat sheet
  24. XHTML Reference
  25. XHTML & HTML Cheat Sheet
  26. XML Syntax Quick Reference (PDF)
  27. XML Schema Reference (PDF)
  28. XSLT and XPath Quick Reference (PDF)

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