Recap Roundup

I had a little time today, so I figured I would quickly touch on a few items I haven’t had to opportunity to recap, and let you know where things currently stand.

The Alexa Widget

Previously, I started an experiment here to see if incorporating the Alexa widget into the site actually improved ranking. I followed that initial posting with a 1 week update claiming some success. In the comments though, the consensus was that the Alexa ranking improvements I’d been having couldn’t be directly linked to the Alexa widget. After more than a month of using the widget, I think I can safely say that the Alexa widget has very little effect on your ranking, if any. All of my increases in rank directly correspond to reaching Alexa month milestones and there were no really big increases corresponding with the addition of the widget. I will, however, keep the widget live for at least 3 full months to see how it performs overall.

The Digg Plugin

Back in April, I talked about some of the experimentation I’ve been doing with the Digg API and the possibility of building a “smart” Digg button for Bookmark Bliss. Since that time, I’ve changed the way I think about Digg a bit and decided to go a different direction. In fact, I’ve actually removed the Digg button entirely from the site. The reason for this is that during May, we had several articles here submitted by random members of our community, and all of them were subsequently buried. As a result, our site was banned from Digg. I removed the Digg button from the site just to make it a little more difficult to submit our content.

Recently I did discuss methods for using the Digg API to Prepare your site for the Digg Effect which was split into part 1 and part 2. These techniques, I feel, are a better use of the Digg button and the Digg API and can benefit your site rather than hinder it.

Bookmark Bliss Redesign

At the beginning of last month, I mentioned briefly that I was considering redesigning the site here at Bookmark Bliss. While this is very high on my list of interesting projects, I’ve yet to find the time to really jump into it. My hope is to have a chance to work on a new theme before the end of next month, and possibly put it live shortly afterward. Currently though, this hasn’t really even gotten off the ground.

iFollow Movement

Finally, in early April Bookmark Bliss joined the iFollow movement by removing “nofollow” attributes from links on our site. In addition, we also participated in the iFollow D-List, which has been a great success so far, and continues to pop up on new sites at fairly regular intervals. Overall, joining the iFollow movement has been a great success on our site. Commenting increased, trackbacks and linking increased, and best of all, spamming did not increase. I highly recommend that all sites fully embrace the movement…

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  1. Thanks for the update. It´s great for new bloggers like myself to see what other people are finding works and what doesn´t.

  2. Great tips mate! MyBlogLog is one of the single best community building tools on the web today, great to know some creative uses for it.

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