Bookmark Bliss – Old School WordPress Version No More

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I finally got around to upgrading Bookmark Bliss to the newest version of WordPress, 2.2.1. I never actually upgraded to 2.2.0, so I guess it’s not so bad now that a new version came out so soon afterward. If you’ve already upgrade to 2.2.0, this patch is mostly just a bug release but is very HIGHLY recommended to patch some security holes found in the last version.

Here are some of the bug updates provided by this new version:

    • Widget compatibility issue fixes 
    • Atom feed fixes
    • Improvements to Page and Text Widgets
    • XML-RPC fixes Widget layout fixes for IE7

Here are some of the major security problems that were fixed:

    • Remote shell security issues with PHPMailer
    • Attribute issues in Default Theme
    • Remote SQL injection in XML-RPC

Upgrading for me was really smooth and simple, but always remember to backup your site and your database before updating just in case. Nothing is a bigger kick to the head than having an update fail and completely toast your previous install.

5 thoughts on “Bookmark Bliss – Old School WordPress Version No More”

  1. So far so good on the upgrade. I haven’t experienced any problems at all. When it comes to version updates, WordPress is really nice and easy. For a nice look at something that is absolutely brutal, try upgrading phpBB…

    Rough! Especially if you are a few versions behind…

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