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Today is Blog Action Day which, as I mentioned previously, is a day where the blogosphere unites to talk about a single pressing topic as a whole. The topic for this first annual Blog Action Day is the Environment and really it’s a topic that seems to be on the forethought of everyone these days. I can’t think of a better topic to discuss coming off the heels of the recent Nobel Prize win by Al Gore and the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. It seems the world is finally ready to openly discuss the harm we’re doing to the environment, and I for one am glad to do my part.

I’ve been really negligent lately in updating Bookmark Bliss, so I thought long and hard about what to talk about today. If you’re running a primarily web based business, you are already a bit above many of the other industries when it comes to your environmental footprint. For example, if you work from home, you’re likely to already have a smaller carbon footprint by skipping the daily commute. There are other aspects as well. By running your own home business, you have control over aspects of your work environment such as the use of environmentally friendly lighting and keeping the temperature at a reasonable level. Back when I was working my old 9-5 job, these were things I could not change. Now, I use natural light as much as I can and keep the air conditioning and heating to the absolute minimum needed.


Besides these, there are many things most people don’t think about that you can do to make your home business just a little bit friendlier to the environment.

Turn off your computer when you’re not using it. This is a big one and something I don’t do enough. Turning off your computer when you’re not using it can save a lot of electricity (after all, most computers are power guzzling monsters). If you can’t turn your machine off, your operating system offers plenty of options for saving energy when not being used. You can set your system to power off your monitors and even your hard drives when inactive for long periods of time.

Choose environmentally friendly hosting providers. For many of us, web hosting is the only way that our business exists. When choosing a web host, you usually look at how much drive space you’ll get and how much bandwidth you can have, but few of us look into greener options. So, the next time you’re looking for a web host, consider going with one that makes efforts to reduce their environmental footprint. Even better, talk to your current web host and see what options they have for greener hosting.

Go green with your next PC purchase. The next time you’re considering an upgrade or a whole new machine entirely, make sure your products are environmentally friendly. Many of the big name computer manufacturers are offering green solutions like Dell and Apple.

Dispose of your old computer junk wisely. When you’ve finally decided to upgrade that old junker you’ve had for years, make sure you examine your options for a green disposal . If you can’t donate your old hardware to a needy cause, there are many options near you to help you recycle or dispose of your machine cleanly. Just don’t dump it out on the curb.

Consider the consequences of that fancy new digital gadget. I know a lot of us can’t resist the newest little digital gadget that comes along every few months, but take a moment to research your products before you buy. You never know what kind of environmentally harmful chemicals and components are used in building that gadget. Sometimes just waiting a few months for a new technology can help weed out the poor choices for the environment. 

I hope everyone out there is doing their best to live as carbon neutral as possible.

What Can I do to Help?

For more information on Blog Action Day and things you can do to contribute and do your part for the environment, head on over to the official blog and if you haven’t already, sign yourself up. Also, take the time to visit your favorite blogs today and see what other articles have been posted in support of today’s event. Here are some other great articles form the people I pinged to show support last month. Thanks for jumping on board everyone!


8 thoughts on “Blog Action Day – Environmentally Friendly Online Business”

  1. I started to really understand our impact and our role on this planet as I got a bit older; I am very conscious of lights being left on, recycling, and when I obtain more financial successes I plan on owning a house ran on solar energy and geo thermals. The technology is expensive right now compared to other things, but I believe in it. Nice post and people need to realize we are guests on this planet.

  2. This Blog Action Day is one of the best way to help in spreading an awareness for the effects of harmful components that we are using nowadays. I do hope that each of us will be responsible enough to do our part.

  3. Hi Folks.

    CDCoaster has been environmentally aware and friendly for some time now. I seriously hope people get wise to the impact that they have with the stuff they TOSS.

    We have limited air, water, and land. Give it over, don’t use it up.

  4. I’m glad that you are promoting environmental awareness. The world needs more people like you to help the environmental cause. Most people need a good reminding every once in awhile (Including myself) that we need to act in an environmentally friendly way.

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